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This is where you can work through your own physical and emotional issues on a deeper level.

The instruments selected for you produce certain frequencies which entrain your brain into an Alpha - Theta state, enabling you to process whatever is stopping your flow. Together we will select the most beneficial sound treatment for you.

You will be able to choose from a variety of beautiful healing instruments; Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Passive Voice, or

Drum Therapy.

There are three types of therapy offered with the drum:

Entrainment Relaxation

This is where you lay on a warm comfortable couch and the special Drum is played over & around you while you drift into an Alpha-Theta mode. An excellent way to get super relaxed and into a meditative state.

Drum Massage

This is exactly what it is, a massage with the Drum. This is very popular because it has the double benefit of entrainment and actually feeling the vibrational frequencies on your body! (It is excellent for arthritis, muscle and bone pain, anxiety and PTSD)

Shamanic Journeying

This is where you enter on a trance-like journey, where it is possible to discover what you need to work on in your life, it is very helpful if you feel 'stuck'.

With all Individual Sound Therapy sessions a series of 4 treatments are recommended to get the best results

Individual sessions £30 or pre pay for four sessions @£25 each and save £20




Held in pre-arranged venues in and around Norwich and North Norfolk

Using Gongs, Crystal bowls, or Shamanic Drum and a variety of percussion instruments to help take you into a deep state of relaxation or ASC (Altered State of Consciousness.)

For anyone aged 16 and up.

£14.00 per person (minimum of 8 people)

For Private Parties, Organisations, Festivals Holiday Resorts or Retreat events, there is £75 set up fee plus travel

(Set up takes just under an hour)

Please allow 1 hour for your Soundbath session.

(If possible please bring a comfortable mat to lie on, a blanket some pillows or sleeping bag and wear warm comfortable clothing)

In summer I offer Group Soundbath relaxation sessions in my private screened area in lush countryside,

birdsong included!

Thoroughly recommend. So soothing and calming. I was really knotted up before, and now I feel so much lighter and calm.


Maryjane is so warm and passionate about her craft, I looked forward to each session, giving myself 'me time' and feeling fabulously relaxed afterwards.


A very healing experience in a lovely environment. Healing for the mind, body and soul. Certainly recommend.


This is a beautiful therapy that genuinely has enabled me to return to living more freely as I used to many years ago.


The sessions are a nurturing, meditative healing therapy. I have attended other Soundbaths, but here with Maryjane these sessions are delivered much more intuitively. Thank you.


Lovely therapy, Maryjane made me feel very relaxed from the start. After my sessions she also gave me some exercises to do at home which have helped me to stay calm and grounded


I had a beautiful soundbath with Maryjane. It was so peaceful and I felt totally relaxed during and after the session. The treatment left me feeling so much lighter and my mind so clear. I really recommend Maryjane.


I only met Maryjane recently and what a lovely experience. My soundbath treatment put me in a lovely place, and even now gives me lovely memories. Since then due to the distance (Gravesend to Norfolk) I had a drumming session over the phone on WhatsApp and it felt like she was in the room with me. The kindness and commitment of Maryjane is beyond measure.


What people are saying about their experience:

"Last week I went to have a Sound healing session with Maryjane. I had no idea what to expect, but was feeling really receptive and exited, if nothing else just to lie down and feel the vibrations!

Within a few minutes I was having full blown meditative visuals!

This felt like a definitive sign confirming, that clock watching is definitely NOT what I need to do. Instead to laugh in the face of time, dance around and be all present in this mad thing called life."

Sarah M.

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