One of our favourite events of the year, when everything is so vibrant, alive & full of colour. Nature is at it's most creative giving us inspiration to also be so. Helping us to feel warm relaxed & happy

Upcoming Events 22nd June

5 - 7 pm Felmingham Village Hall

Aylsham Rd NR28 OLD

Some of our past events:

Summer Solstice Soundbath 2023 surrounded by nature in the

lush countryside

A wonderful way to promote emotional healing and self awareness.

Helping you to tap into your creativity, connect with your inner self, express your thoughts feelings and emotions to give yourself a beautiful sense of peace and wellbeing.


Coming soon

Mindful Art and Healing Sound Therapy Retreat sessions

Every Year we love celebrating the Summer Solstice!

Come and have fun and a beautifully relaxing time. Experience an amazing Alpha-Theta deeply relaxing Gong and Crystal bowl Soundbath.

Then get arty and create your very own Summer Solstice Crowns or Wreaths to take home. (All materials will be provided)

If you have a yoga or camping mat you can bring one, there will also be mats available if you don't have one.

Please wear warm comfortable clothing and if possible bring a pillow and a blanket (Your body cools down when you relax!)

Our 2022 summer Solstice Soundbath. An absolutely beautiful evening of serenity.💕

Our Shamanic Drum Journey. Helping you travel within towards self discovery.